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Huaian Rainbow Towel Weaving Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading towels, bathrobes manufacturers in China.
Rainbow Towel was established in 2001. During the rapid development we enjoy great reputation for our high quality products and professional service at competitive price.
Besides sophisticated towel looms and accessory machinery, our factory is introduced advanced quality control system such as ISO 9001:2015.
Since towels, bathrobes and bed linens are personal products directly touch people’s skin, safety is a critical concern, our products’ quality are all in compliance with Oeko-Tex standard 100 Product class I or II.
Second, our cotton towels are all made out of choice quality 100% organic cotton of long staple, endow them with fabulous water absorption, breaking strength and softness. Once you use it, you will be definitely impressed by the fantastic quality of our products.
We appreciate any inquiries from you, our highly responsive salespeople are standing by to offer friendly and professional service.
Besides wholesaling and exporting our own private label towels and robes, We offer OEM and ODM. Tell us your blueprint or your idea , we help to realize it.

We are building a customer-centric company, any of your advices, comments and complains are invaluable to us.

WhatsApp: +86 153 51700517


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